Happy New Year ~ Olathe Kansas newborn photographer

Happy 2018!  I can't believe another year has already come and gone.  I had a great 2017 with plenty of newborn babies coming to my studio along with milestone sessions and of course family sessions throughout the year.  I'm always so thankful to be a newborn photographer in Kansas City.  I keep meeting such amazing families and photographing their journey as a new family.  What could be better than that?  Thank you to everyone who trusted me with their memories last year I hope to see you again in 2018!  And because I can't share without a few pretty images here's a sweet little one from last September!  

Brand new ~ Fresh 48 Hospital session

Fresh 48 sessions are so worth it to capture the memories of your baby's birth day and the first few days of life in the hospital.  It's usually a little crazy after giving birth and moms don't remember those little details so booking a Fresh 48 session you'll have memories forever!   

Another busy season has come and gone!

December has arrived and I think most family photographers are breathing a sigh of relief as the busy season has come to an end!  I had a great fall season with many new families coming for sessions along with many returning clients.  There were also some cute infants coming in for their growing baby plan sessions so I thought this was the perfect day to share one of the cutest little guys I know.  It's been great to first photograph his brother and now him.  They are one great FUN family especially when dad is around ~ he's one guy who is always brings the laughs!!  Thanks for coming out Lorenzo and before you know it you will be turning 1 (don't tell your mom though she might be a little sad about that).  Take a look at the cuteness!!  



Beautiful new baby girl ~ Olathe Kansas Newborn Photographer

This baby girl was a last minute client on my calendar but I'm so glad I had an open spot to fit in her session.  Her parents were amazing and we had a great session.  She slept great and seriously she is adorable.  Being allowed to be part of these new little humans first days of life is so incredible.  I am so thankful for my clients!

Saying goodbye to summer time ~ Kansas city children's photographer

The time has come to say goodbye to another summer season.  Late nights, late bedtime, camping, swimming and the county fair are all signs of summer.  I've wanted to take some photographs at the fair for a few years but like many other things it never worked out.  This year we had amazing weather for August and it was the perfect time.  Thanks to my awesome photographer friend Jessica for letting me borrow her little ones!  They were perfect and adorable just what I needed.  I plan on doing these as mini sessions next August. They were so fun I'm not sure what took me so long!!